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Hyundai Conference Dealers Europe 2019

Hyundai Conference Dealers / Europe 2019

The visit of a large number of distributors of Hyundai Power Products This year the event was held in Catalonia, with visits to the cities of Girona and Figueres, visiting our new facilities in Girona and Figueres. Hyundai Power Products in Spain. The logistics and technical service halls, as well as the showroom located in the office and management halls.

The conference discussed topics such as:

  • News in products.
  • New generation of battery-powered products.
  • SPOGA-GAFA Cologne Trade Fair 2019.
  • Next Europe 2020 distributor conference.

The distributors of Hyundai Europe represent countries such as France, Holland, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Spain,... a wide variety of ideas and integrations to implement in Europe, wanting to innovate and offer customers the best innovations in tools and technology at professional and domestic level.

The new generations of battery-powered tools are the futureboth in power tools as in garden toolswant to show a sustainable production with the planet. They will show all the novelties at European level at the next fair in Cologne (Germany). SPOGA- GAFA. Thanks to an eye-catching stand design they expect to have a large number of visitors at the Hyundai stand at the German exhibition.

The conference ended with a large number of new ideas to be implemented throughout the year, and with a family photo where they demonstrated another year of joining forces and ideas of all Hyundai Europe dealers and managers.

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