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GRV Power Products offers a direct and professional service to distributors, installers and end users.

The search for quick and effective solutions has given the brand HYUNDAI the prestige and leadership it enjoys.

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Acceptance of this form implies acceptance of the following conditions:

1- I authorise this company to carry out all the tests and technical diagnostics that they determine appropriate until they find out the problem or breakdown of the equipment.

2- Any repair not accepted by the client will have a cost of CARRIAGE depending on the tests, testing and labour to find out the problem(s).
The amount shall be paid on collection of the equipment and shall remain in the deposit if this is not the case.

3- Las condiciones de garantía de este contrato serán las estipuladas por nuestra empresa en todos sus productos, las cuales son 1 año/500h profesionales, 2
years/500h individuals.

4- If the customer does not collect the equipment within one month of the notice of repair, a storage charge of 3€/day will be made,
after a further 30 days, we will send the equipment to the clean point to dispose of it, on the understanding that the customer desists from using it.

5- It is agreed that both this company and the customer accept the conditions of this contract, which will not be valid without the corresponding signature by the customer.
both parties. For any dispute arising out of the interpretation, performance or non-performance of the terms and conditions stipulated between GRV
POWER PRODUCTS SL and its clients, both expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city.

6- Warranty repairs will always be for manufacturing or assembly defects, in no case for wear and tear, manipulation or misuse. For
In order to be covered by a warranty the machine must be maintained up to date.

7- In the event that the SAT (after carrying out the relevant tests and even if the product is under warranty) does not detect any fault, it will be established with the
The customer will have to pay for the carriage costs, both for the outward and return shipment of the product.